About Us


TasteWant is a UK based food and drinks Marketplace, bringing you a wide range of awesome unique food and drinks brands that you can simply purchase or subscribe to and receive their products hassle-free on a regular basis.

There are so many thousands of food and drinks brands out there, we bring you a Marketplace to collate the finest products from a diverse range of food and drinks categories. We also have subscription options where you can subscribe to your favourite food and drinks brands, including food boxes or singular products that you love.

TasteWant started out as a food and drinks social network in 2015, we built a large community of thousands of food bloggers, including a substantial social media following including over 18,000 Twitter followers and a popular Apple App.

We have a huge passion for the food and drinks sector especially artisan brands, therefore we have chosen to pivot to launch a Marketplace to help these brands grow. Our Foodie followers are still dedicated and we wanted to use this community we have built over the years as a springboard to help promote food and drinks brands reach a wider audience.

We also provide a Wholesale section to businesses for them to discover and purchase unique food and drinks brands at bulk discounts, which is ideal for eCommerce stores, brick and mortar stores and subscription box owners to resell.

TasteWant is headed by Luke Knight who has over 19 years of experience working in senior marketing roles for leading tech and social media companies throughout the UK.

We have a wide range of new features and functionality planed for TasteWant, to offer you one convenient platform to discover all of your food and drinks products in one place, making your life easier, whilst introducing you to a wide range of awesome, innovative brands. Or treat a friend or loved one to a subscription gift, keeping you in their mind every time they receive their treat.

So take a browse around, discover new amazing food and drinks brands and join our foodie community.

Luke – Founder, TasteWant


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